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I enjoy traveling especially when it is tied to a chance to do some photography work.  I have literally been around the world in my travels.  Most of my dive travels have been centered on the Caribbean, the Pacific, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  My land based travels include many places in the United States, a three year stay in England, and a photo safari to Africa.

The intent of this section of my website is to document my experiences and provide information to help you plan a fun and enjoyable trip.  When I travel my requirements are simple; I like a nice room with air conditioning, a comfortable bed, and plenty of hot water.  I like to sample and enjoy the local cuisine.  On my drive trips I want to dive reefs providing me ample opportunities to take my camera system underwater and practice my craft.  With my land based trips I look for fun excursions to capture vistas with my camera.

In each of the trip reports I provide information on the carrier(s) I used, where I stayed, which tour operators I used, what I experienced on my excursions, the local cuisine I tried, and other tips to make your trip enjoyable and fun.

It seems like the more I travel, the more places I find I want to visit and experience.  Stay tuned as I add to my list of travels and experiences.  I think it is fun to get out of backyards and experience our magnificent world!