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As I got more involved in my underwater photography, I wanted to learn more about photography, learn how to fully use my system, learn to identify my subject images, and continue my techniques education.  There are many great resources available to help improve our photography.

This section of the website lists the people, training facilities, books, publications, etc, I use to improve and enhance my knowledge.  One of the fun aspects I find in taking underwater images is the continuing quest to capture a subject in a different perspective.  I think part of the challenge many of us amateur photographers encounter is working to get the shot while being mindful of the environment and trying to stay up with the group on a dive.  After getting the shots I like to know the names and learn about the subjects I capture.  To augment these aspects, I turn to resources outside of my skills to enhance my photography and skills.

I hope you find the information beneficial to you.  If there are other resources you use, please let me know and I will add it to the lists. 

Underwater Photographers:

  • Kat Ramage
  • Cathy Church
  • Bonnie Pelnar
  • Theunis Neethling
  • Ethan Daniels
  • Doug Sloss
  • Carlos Villoch
  • Steve Fish
  • Marty Snyderman

Training Facilities: