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With images from many dive sites in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Indonesia, and Malaysia I have gathered a huge collection of photography both above water and below.  With a growing demand for website content I decided to make my collection available for licensing.

Selecting Your Photos

Browse through the online catalog.  When you find an image you are interested in using add it to your lightbox.  This will open a second window where you can visually collect and store your selections.  When complete, email the lightbox to us with a description of how you want to use the image(s).  Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will contact you to give you the usage price for the image or images you choose and for your application.

The Stock License

When you license an image from Jim Sparkman Photography, you only pay for the applications where choose to use image.  Our online price guidelines will help you to determine approximately how much the images will cost for your particular use, but prices will vary with images.  Once we receive your request, we will be back in touch with you shortly with the actual license fee.

Delivery of the Images

You have the choice of several methods of image delivery.  For digital images the most popular method is via browser download.  Once you have purchased your chosen images you will receive directions via email on how and where to download the image.  We can send you the images on CD ROM or DVD delivered next day.  There is an additional fee of $30 which includes delivery.  Print orders will be shipped UPS using whatever priority you request.