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I travel the world with digital cameras, laptop, and lenses to capture the scenes wanted by you or for your project.  I have the combination of training, experience, and talent that produces results for personal or project assignments.  I am a seasoned, flexible traveler.

Digital Photography

With advanced digital camera technology and a powerful laptop, I can shoot the scenes you're looking for and evaluate the results instantly allowing modifications to lighting, prop arrangement, model placement, etc. on the spot!  I use a range of lenses and lighting techniques for a variety of effects.  Typically I travel with three Canon digital cameras and media storage backup to avoid any problems due to technical issues.  I keep the equipment configuration simple to allow me to focus on the images you want.

Underwater Photography

For those shots underwater I shoot with an Ikelite housed Canon DSLR digital camera to capture Mother Nature in her full glory and beauty.  I have a combination of lenses and lighting gear to meet the scene requirements of your project at anytime of the day.  This is the third housed digital camera I have worked with and I combine the outstanding performance of my digital camera with my digital and underwater experience to capture the awe inspiring moment.

So that I may understand the requirements of your project, please contact me with information on what you want to achieve and your contact information.  I look forward to being a part of your project!