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I am fortunate in my underwater photography career because I learned from many knowledgeable and talented people.  I write my Learning page from my passion for underwater photography to give you the concepts and techniques I learned and use including my own approach.  I first developed the material as a foundation for a course I teach in underwater photography.

Getting into underwater photography may seem like an overwhelming goal with the additional aspects it adds to your diving.  I think with the information I present you will see by developing your knowledge of photography, learning your system, and paying attention to how you care for and prepare your system, diving with a camera adds a very fun element.  I also give my techniques to organize and edit my images so in an enjoyable way I manage my processed image libraries.

I hope you find the information to be a valuable resource in developing and practicing your underwater photography skills.  The topics will continually evolve as I learn and share my experiences.  As underwater photographers, we possess the capability to share our undersea world to further other’s interests in scuba diving and a way to promote protection of our world’s oceans.

Stay tuned as this section of my website is developed and implemented.

If I help you become more confident in your underwater photography, you have insights to share, or you just want to hello, please send me a note!