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My journey into underwater photography was first fueled by my desire to share the awe inspiring sights of the undersea world to non-diving friends and new divers.  This evolved into a quest to take my underwater photography to another level and has since become my greatest passion.

This website is the next step in my journey to not only share my underwater adventures and experiences through my images, but to offer my perspectives on underwater photography including guiding and interacting with new underwater photographers so images they capture and share bring that same delight to them and their friends.

I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas where I started my diving adventures in 1997.  In 2008, after 36 and a half years in the corporate world, I retired to follow my passion of scuba diving.  Over the years I continued to expand my diving skills, certifications, and specialties eventually becoming an instructor so I could introduce and teach people to safely experience our unique underwater world.  I am also a certified scuba equipment technician for most brands so I am well rounded in many aspects of the dive world and business.  As a competent diver, comfortable with being underwater, pursuing photography was the next obvious step so I could share my experiences and encourage others.

And in having that appreciation of documenting and sharing the adventure and the sights seen undersea, I also offer scuba diving related photography services, private or groups, surface and underwater.  I have traveled to dive destinations in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Indonesia, Malaysia, and beyond.

Enjoy my website as it evolves with new images, new experiences, and my perspectives.

As a beginning, budget conscious underwater photographer, my first camera was a Bonica Snapper point and shoot film camera and strobe.  I learned the importance of strobe lighting to bring out the multitude of underwater colors and crafted a crude acrylic fiber optic cable to make the strobe fire every time the camera flash fired.  My Bonica system worked for years until it became difficult to find 36 exposure roll film.  The digital step occurred with an Olympus C-5050 Zoom, housing, and Ikelite strobe and components.  New technology and lackluster images led to the first of several successful training sessions in Grand Cayman and California.  Just as new divers are always learning, I believe underwater photographers should also be always learning.  I found getting experienced help quickly allowed me to learn my system and improve the end result.  My Olympus system evolved to dual Ikelite strobes and Ultralight Control Systems components.  On reaching a point in my photography where I wanted more creative control I upgraded to a DSLR Canon 40D camera and lenses with an Ikelite housing and ports.  Quickly the 40D evolved to a 50D, another port, more training, and is the system I use today.